Used Motorcycle Parts – Nitros Motorcycle Parts Ltd

Used Motorcycle Parts – Nitros Motorcycle Parts Ltd

For many the bike breaking business is often the springboard to becoming a used motorcycle dealer. Over time many of these firms step it up to become franchised dealers. It’s a long road but can be done. For others though like Scott Redmond, life with the cheap seats of the motorcycle industry is exactly where it’s at.

Nitros Motorcycle Parts Ltd is a bike breakers with its finger very much on the pulse of the world of the used parts. Based in Crowland, a small market town just outside of Peterborough, is the hub of the Nitros set up. A mixture of converted horse stables, a purpose built workshop and a line up of 40 foot shipping containers gives home to thousands of previously enjoyed motorcycle parts.

Scott explained the market as they find it. “Finding stock is the easy part, finding stock at the right price is tougher. In a world where the barn find wrecker offers a dream to those who want to tinker away on a project, it’s never been busier in the subprime sector of the market. Nitros was established in June 2019, a joining of forces between myself and Ian Owen from Motorbike Breakers.

I set up my first bike breaking business in 1992. Previously to that I had worked at MCN in their London advertising office at Herbal Hill which is where I got a taste for buying and selling motorcycles. Mostly selling them back to the trade, flipping bikes and taking the first profit allowed me to build a good knowledge of what to expect when having a deal! (Skills I still hone almost 30 years later.) Ian’s path is more recent.

Until September 2018 he was a pen pusher in an office! Since forming Nitros we’ve focused hard on building up trade links. We want to buy those parts that most main dealers leave to fester into an unmanageable heap within their franchises. Our first job lot buy was ironically from a bike breaker in Essex, he’d had enough of eBay and wanted to shift his entire stock. A painless transaction appealed to him and 8 trips later his contents were re homed to the Fens. Next up was a trip to Wales to clear out a mixture of new old stock items, exhausts and general used parts that dealers accumulate.

We haven’t stopped since and have now created a network of dealers who contact us on a regular basis with parts and end of life bikes either taken in px or left for dead by customers that can’t face stumping up money to keep them roadworthy. We are very keen to keep our momentum going heading into 2020 and beyond. We’d love to hear from dealers, breakers and hoarders of new old stock and are very keen to buy if you’re serious about selling.”

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