Used Bike Buyers Urged To Haggle Amid BREXIT Uncertainty

Used Bike Buyers Urged To Haggle Amid BREXIT Uncertainty’s valuation experts reveal significant trends in the UK used vehicle market and choose a car and bike of the month.

Head of valuation servicesat, Jon Wheeler, said: “Launched in 2015, the GLC SUV was Mercedes’ long-awaited answer to BMW and Audi’s popular premium sports utility vehicles. With clean soft lines, fantastic attention to detail both inside and out, and the allure of the Mercedes badge, it was a genuine competitor. Standard engine options included a 2-litre 211bhp petrol and a 3-litre 258bhp V6 diesel, not forgetting the AMG performance models with up to 510bhp. Following a recent mild facelift on brand new models, you can now pick up a decent early example for less than £19k. As always, be sure to conduct a full history check before you buy.”

As to market trends, Wheeler said: “With the 31 October deadline fast approaching, automotive industry groups are warning of devastating job losses in the event of a no deal Brexit. Several vehicle manufacturers have already said that new car prices will increase under no deal, and the price of service and repair parts is also likely to rise. Whatever the outcome, we don’t expect a significant change in residual values overnight. In the meantime, astute buyers will be using the uncertainty to push for better deals.”

On the motorbike, scooter and moped sector,’s Mark Field said: “One of the best super-naked motorcycles money can buy, the Tuono V4 is a work of art. Whether it’s the smooth power delivery of the 175bhp 1077cc engine, the perfect growl of the exhaust, or the clever electronics package, the attention to detail is exquisite. V4s need to be properly maintained so check the valves, scrutinise the service history and carry out a provenance check before buying. You should end up with a truly special bike which holds its value well – a good excuse to spend a little more!”

As to market trends, Field said: “September’s registration figures were up 3.9% on the same month last year – another welcome result in this year of up and down sales. The new 69 plate helped of course, and there’s reports of extensive registration activity by some major manufacturers. Overall, we’re 2.3% up on 2018 for the year to date, which is quite an achievement considering the wet weather and smog of Brexit. With bikes across the UK being put away for winter, will political and economic stability have returned by the time they emerge next spring? During the colder months, dealerships will be focusing on service and repair so their workshops are busy even if their showrooms are quiet.”

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